Saturday, September 10, 2011


9/11/01 - I was sitting on the couch watching The Today Show like I did every day.  The phone rang just as they were reporting that the first tower had been hit "accidentally" by a plane.  It was my friend Polly.  She was calling to see if I was going to the PAT Playgroup that morning at 10am.  I told her to turn it to channel 7 to see the building that had been hit.  As we were talking we both saw the second plane hit the second tower!  We both said "Oh my god, what just happened".  We stayed on the phone, talking about what was happening while watching the live coverage.  We were still on the phone when the first of the two towers fell.  Then the second fell then we got off the phone so that we could go to playgroup.  We met there and everyone was talking about what was happening.  By the time we left playgroup I realized how serious this whole thing was.  I called my husband, who works very close to the court houses and Capitol Building, to make sure he was okay.  They were all in the conference room watching the news coverage.  He didn't seem as worried as I was.  Later that night I realized it was because they all went back to work and didn't watch all the coverage that I did.  I told Tyler , who was 2, that I couldn't play today because I had to watch TV.  I couldn't keep my eyes off of it.  As I was watching I saw them rescue a deeply buried ambulance that had 3 people in it.  I thought that was the beginning of a lot of rescues, I was wrong.  I went to bed that night and couldn't sleep.  I had several nightmares and ended up getting up and watching CNN for the rest of the night.  I was in shock.  I knew one thing though, this was a day that Tyler was going to end up learning about in History class.

What were you doing 10 years ago? 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


What is awareness?  Is it knowing something is happening, something could happen or something does happen?  Does it mean that being aware changes things?  I've been asking myself these questions a lot this week.  Mainly because I've gotten 4 different emails asking to change my facebook status to some silly puzzle that is suppose to bring awareness to Breast Cancer.  I know I might sound controversial when I say this but I don't believe that a simple facebook status bring awareness to anything.  And if it does, that awareness doesn't change anything?

Yes, wearing purple on a certain day does bring awareness to the words "Child Abuse" but what does it change?  If you want to change child abuse you need to turn in parents who abuse their children.  You should support organizations that educate parents with abuse issues, support organizations that help the children of these abusers. 

Yes, wearing pink and changing statuses does bring awareness to Breast Cancer, but what does it change?  Why don't we encourage women to get mammograms, support health care changes that makes them more assessable? We can educated pregnant mothers to breastfeed their babies, especially their baby girls, to reduce both of their risk of developing breast cancer.

Heart Disease is the #1 killer of women.  Wearing Red does bring awareness to those words but what else are we doing to change it?  Are we making exercise programs more affordable?  Are we educating women on heart healthy diets?  What are the red shirts teaching women? 

Now, all of these are MY OPINIONS.  Whether or not they make a difference I won't really know.  I do know that being aware of something is just not enough.  I think we should all start "being aware" and start doing something about these things! 

*I'm stepping off my soap box now*