Sunday, June 26, 2011

Leadstrom Family Vacation 2011!

Its been a hard year so far!  A lot of new things, a lot of doctor bills, a lot of "life as we knew its are over"'s happening.  What should you do when you've all had enough?...A Family Get away, right?  So, we packed up our van and headed to the mountains to escape the reality here at home. 

Our first stop was Arbor Lodge. 
The kids were board to tears but Nathan and I loved touring this old house.

Then we drove to see the Nebraska State Capitol Building.
 I've never seen such an artistic building.

Then we drove to our hotel in Kearney. 
On the way we got to watch a storm come in over the mountains.  Beautiful!

The next day we took advantage of the local tourism and visited Fort Kearny. 
The kids got to stretch their legs before the long trip to our cabin.

After many stops for drinks, potty, screaming Liam's we finally made it to our cabin.

And just in time for the most beautiful sunset!

We woke with plans to visit the local Mammoth Site/Museum.  It was really neat.

Then we went to tour Wind Cave.  Again, very neat!

And since we were already in the car we decided to take the wildlife route of Custur State Park.  We were so mesmerized by the local wildlife that we were late checking into our cabin. 

 We even got to pet wild donkeys.  They almost bit Liam because he had just ate a snack and still had the residue from it on his hands.  One of the momma donkeys even let us pet her baby that was so new she still had her umbilical cord. 

After a great nights sleep in the wonderful camping cabins we headed for my favorite part of the trip - The Crazy Horse Memorial.  It was wonderful and mesmerizing but the best part is I got to watch my husband experience the one place that he always wanted to go when he was a boy. 

After many hours at the memorial we headed to Mt. Rushmore. 
 It was crazy busy and rain was coming in but we had a great time there. 

Last up was our trip to Lead.  This is a legendary gaming town with a historic hotel.  The kids thought it was great that they could sit by a slot machine while Nathan and I gambled.  (Insert bad parent of the year nomination here)

Lead was suppose to be our last stop before we started the 11 hour trip home (which would be made into 24 because of the lovely screaming of our lovely 2 year old), BUT, we just didn't want to come home so we decided to take a scenic tour instead.  Here lies the Badlands...

This was the most beautiful part of the state with the sheerest drops I've ever seen.  Liam and I stayed very far away from the edge because, and I quote Liam - "I don't want to fall off of there, I don't want to die over there, I don't want to die in this shirt".  Do you think my fear of shear drops is starting to wear off on my youngest?  (insert another bad parent award here).

All in all this was a WONDERFUL vacation. 
It was spontaneous, relaxing, beautiful and just what we all needed! 

Now, back to the real world.  Ugg. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hey Monday...F&*K OFF!

You've heard of cause and effect, right?  The yin and the yang?  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction?  Okay, how about Karma?   Well I have heard of all of these and today I experienced them all.  So hang with me, this is going to be a play by play of my day...TRUST ME...its worth reading to the very end! 

I should have known how today would turn out when I woke up so stuffed up I could hardly breath.  A Advil Sinus, a Singular and a Zyrtec later that was history.  So I headed to swimming lessons with 3 kids, got there early, walked up to the playground and 3 bumble bees surrounded me and my kids.  Kayleigh ran, Tyler ran but Liam stood there.  The one child who should run from poisonous bees just stood there.  So I risked my life and shoved Liam out of the way and the bees wondered off.  Phew.  Swimming lessons went off without a hitch so we headed home to enjoy a nice lunch with Daddy! 

By this time I thought that the bad day curse was behind us so I went to a friends house and had a wonderful play date with her, her K's, a friend I hadn't seen in a while and her girls too.  We ended up staying for 3 hours!  Bless you Lara, she was a great host. 

Then we headed home.  On the way there I begged the kids to please go downstairs while I made dinner.  They did do that, for like a second, then they were at my feet screaming for food.  Ghesh, like I never feed them?  So, I opened the freezer to get out the chicken I thought I had for chicken day and there was none left.  The only meat in the freezer that was acceptable for Liam was a 1 pound package of hamburger.  So I did a quick thaw then put it in to fry in the pan.  As I'm doing this I hear a blood curdling scream from the bathroom - LIAM WAS PEEING IN THE CORNER!  I screamed, and I mean screamed, for him to stop, cleaned it up, cleaned him up then went back into the kitchen to find that the only meat I had for Liam was now burnt!  *Deep Breath*

So, I called my husband and had a telephone panic attack because I had nothing to feed my poor boy.  He came rushing home and scooted me out the door to The Merc to shop by myself.  I was so happy to get out of the house, shop and finally get the things I needed to do Liams rotation correctly.  On the way I decided to treat myelf to a Kwik Shop Diet Coke and, sure enough, the woman in front of me in line had no shoes on then proceeded to fill a dog dish with ice and pop.  G.R.O.S.S!!!!!! 

I took a deep breath then drove to Lawrence.  I had a lovely shopping experience at The Merc, loaded up my groceries and felt so much better.

*This is where you think my day ended up good, right?  WRONG!*

I decided to treat myself to a McAlister Orange Cranberry Club Sandwich to celebrate my Merc victory!  I walked in, ordered my sandwich, used the restroom while they made my sandwich, picked up my sandwich, made my drink, walked through the entire, crowded restaurant, got in my car and then noticed...MY SKIRT WAS TUCKED INTO MY UNDERWEAR!  That's right, I showed the whole crowd of hungry people my ass. 


I'm home now, sitting on the computer waiting to get struck by lightning because that has to be the only thing left that could happen, right?  Before that happens I must sign off with my title in mind...Hey Monday...F*&K OFF!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Pick and Choose Question

Who else has said these famous words..."Because I said so"  OR  "Thats what you get and if you don't like then you get nothing"  OR  (my favorite) "YOU GET WHAT YOU GET AND YOU DON'T THROW A FIT!"? 

I think about these sayings a lot.  Mainly because I say them a lot - but not to myself!  I say them to my husband and I say them to my kids at least once a day.  But when they are said to me its a whole different story.

I was sitting at Zen practice yesterday, the first practice I had been able to make it to since the first of May.  I was ready and really excited to be back.  I had almost forgot what it was like to sit when this quote came to me - "The great way is not difficult".  Of cource, that would happen.   And, like many times before,  I got mad, really mad!  Because, I'll tell you, THE GREAT WAY IS DIFFICULT!  I was so angry that I asked my teacher the question that Im pretty sure I already had the answer to..."Why do they say the great way isn't difficult.  Is that true because it sounds like bullshit to me!"  I was hoping to get an answer like "yes, it is bullshit, at least it is for you!" OR "life IS difficult, the great way IS difficult, its okay to give up".  But, I didn't get that answer.  Instead I got "Whats the end of that quote?  Its if you don't pick or choose".  Oh yes, wise teacher, I forgot the end of the quote.  The very important end of the quote. 

I left Zen practice still mad, still confused but knowing the answer.  Liam has food allergies, I cook differently.  My husband is gone every night this week, I do everything on my own.  My house is a mess, my house is a mess.  I can't change it so why freat about it, right?...

You are thinking I came to this wonderful conclusion, right?  WRONG!

I know the answer to my question.  I know it deep down, I understand it.  But I still think its bullshit.  Its easy to say just do it.  Don't pick and choose and you will find the great way to be easy - well, I just don't know about that.  Im too angry for that! 

But then what is anger anyway?  Another question...

"The Great Way is not difficult if you just don't pick and choose"